“Blind tasting” at the Whisky Live Warsaw 2016. We have a winner!

wlw-2016-logo-fullDuring each day of Whisky Live Warsaw there was a BLIND TASTING competition hosted by Distinctive Distillations. You needed to blind taste a whisky and identify as many features as possible. The person who gained the most points in the scoring system will receive a free BOTTLE OF WHISKY! Not an easy task. This is why perhaps, in spite of numorous entries only few were close.

But, we did it. We found the best nose! In fact a lady whose scores identyfied whisky in the best way. Małgorzata Majchrzyk won the prize. Congratulions?
The bottle full of liquid gold has already been sent to her address. Now, we are waiting for her comments once she opens the package. #WhiskyLiveWarsaw

We will tell you more about the whisky, which was used for the blind tasting. It is unique, so it deserves a special treatment.

Whisky na zwycięzcy



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