Whisky Tasting: World Whisky Tour

World Whisky Tour

Date & Place: 19.05. 2017 Friday, Benihana Restaurant, Cosmopolitan Building, ul. Twarda 2/4, Warsaw

World Whisky Tour

Why is whisky from different parts of the world so different?

You have always wanted to tour the world and taste whisky. Then come and join us on our first world whisky tour. We will be visiting Scotland and Ireland, Europe, USA, India and Taiwan for 6 drams and an exploration of why they are different.

The setting will be Japan, where you might also want to sample additional drams from the restaurant whisky card

Pricing – Confirm & pay in advance: 150 zł. Limited to 20 people.

Price includes the 6 drams, as for food you can select from the excellent restaurant menu, with sushi as the obvious accompaniment to the whiskies. Bottles will be available for sale on the night.

As recent events have had a high demand we suggest you book early!

Confirm & pay before the event info@distinctivedistillations.com, tel. +48 533 325 008

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